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Volunteer Engagement and Asset Mapping

Since the pandemic the need by community members for support from voluntary sector providers has increased greatly and will increase even more with the cost of living rising greatly. It is our experience that many organisations are struggling to recruit volunteers to maintain the level of service provision required.

Our experience with volunteer engagement is driven by using ‘asset mapping’ when trying to match potential volunteers with volunteering opportunities. Asset mapping includes having strength-based conversations with current and potential volunteers, capturing their stories encourages them to explore their known strengths plus other strengths that they may not have normally considered. This in turn may open up different volunteering opportunities that they may not have considered, thus strengthening the overall local VCSE partnership working. This echoes the model of asset-based community led support.
We aim to help small groups engage their volunteer base for the benefits of the groups aims and promote cross group knowledge sharing and development to promote community unity, leading to a wide range of benefits to impact on the community as a whole. Our goal is to help communities thrive and grow through volunteer matching and engagement.
We plan for this service to be funded by grants or bursaries.

” Our vision is for a voluntary sector that can flourish through access to the funding and skills it needs to grow, enhance and measure its impact. We believe charities and the non-profit sector have a key role in the evolution of a fairer and more equitable society for all and we are passionate about helping them to achieve that.”

We act in our clients’ best interests, only taking on consultancy/delivery projects where we believe we can add substantial and genuine value, delivering to brief and to deadline. We offer an honest perspective combining ambition with objective pragmatism.

We have a combination of professional and service delivery experience, striving for continual improvement through ongoing professional development and innovation.

We believe that effective development requires strong partnership. We work hand in glove with our clients to maximise the impact of our services. We are a close-knit team, working with you to deliver the true benefit of our collective professional experience to the sector.

We believe in a society that values culture and diversity and which champions under represented groups. We actively seek to work with organisations addressing disadvantage and injustice.

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